Contract works insurance policies provide cover for construction-related activities of a construction project (either one-off or an annual policy for multiple projects) into one packaged policy.

Builders have traditionally been the main occupation that take out a Contract Works Insurance policy. The requirements for this type of cover has now spread further to include:

  • Trades people who run their own projects
  • Owner Builders
  • Sub-contractors who run their own projects on the side

Contract works insurance, sometimes referred to as “Construction All Risks Insurance“, covers accidental risks of physical loss or physical damage to the contract works during construction as well as third party liabilities and the advance loss of profits.

The cover can include sub-limits for:

  • Employees Tools
  • Principal Supplied Materials
  • Mobile Machinery & Equipment
  • Materials Stored Onsite / Offsite
  • Transit Cover

A Contract Works Insurance policy can also include Public Liability Insurance. Traditionally, the Public Liability cover in a Contract Works policy is broader than a stand-alone policy.

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